I am a roleplayer, by now this should be blatanly apparent. What might not, however, be is that I'm also a recently converted fan of the conventions held every couple of months in Sydney, my current place of residence. What's more I'm also a fiction writter and a student too boot (and yes, that's why this site is so infrequently updated, I have school to take care of).

I've been Gming for a good 8 years now. I've never officialy played in someone's campagin, but the thropies from verious cons point to the fact that I'm also quite a good player. I have an obsesion with shiny gaming manuals and deep pockets, hence I play and GM a wide range of games, including AD&D, CoC, WFRP and Vampire (I should point out at this point I'm fairly anti-vampire but that I can and do play it). In addition to all this I run a moderately unsuccesfull roleplaying club (NORC!) for my high-scool and am forever looking for the perfect gaming group. I'm highly willing to play with/GM for anyone in the northshore area of Sydney (see my contact page if interested, email or icq me) and I would be willing to help fill out your team for any con in Sydney (again, email or ICQ me).

Just to prove that roleplaying is NOT my entire life, I also play basketball (badly), program (moderately badly), cook (less badly) and write science fiction (not badly at all).
I listen to old music, mostly 70ies stuff, with prefernces going to Queen, Billy Joel, David Bowie and Elton John (although I enjoy A LOT of 70ies stuff).
I read a lot of sci-fi, mostly Asimov, Vonnegut and Dick. As fantasy books go, I like Margaret Wies and Tracy Hickman and on an interesting note; I am the only roleplayer on this planet who considers Tolkien a sub-par writter (No fucking elves in my games...). Faveourite series is by far the Star of the Guardian by Mrs. Wies, fantastic set of books for anyone with a love of space opera.