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Welcome to the ARPLE homepage. ARPLE stands for All-purpouse Role Playing Logistics Engine and is, in layman's terms, a roleplaying system which discards the complexity and time-waste commonly associated with popular comercial systems such as AD&D while maintaining the same level of intensity and player involvement.

ARPLE is not a cheap AD&D or Vampira ripoff, ARPLE is not GROUPs or FUDGE and ARPLE is not a game which fits onto an A4 page and contains the advice; 'just fudge the rest'. But most important of all; ARPLE is not a gaming revolution. ARPLE is a good place to start with newer gamers and a return to a simpler age for most older roleplayers, back when roleplaying was just a bit of fun on friday night. It's a breakaway from the trend of niche games for niche gamers; ARPLE can be GMed and played in as many ways as there are roleplayers but is idealy a fantasy (or space opera and distopia as the project grows) game done right.

The features that make ARPLE uniqe to it's peer products include;

ARPLE is currently in playtesting. I have made the system available for both viewing and download as freeware during this process. Feel free to download ARPLE and use it in your own games (or just give it a read, for that matter) but please e-mail me or simply leave a message at the message board (comming soon!) to tell me what you thought of it. In addition, below is a banner you can use to link to my page (send me your URL so I can return the favour). The below is just a gif file, so you'll have to do the code yourself, or just use it as a clickable image.

Also on this page: The history if the ARPLE system and it's designer's ventures into roleplaying, the design diary of ARPLE, indicating changes, additions, ect. and a feedback area. Soon also to feature a Campagin to play ARPLE in as well as sample adventures.

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